Decision Support Systems

Photo by Petrovich9/iStock / Getty Images

DECISIVE ANALYTICS characterizes complex systems with mathematical models that accurately reflect key components, match specific problem structures with solutions, and optimize system performance through decision support. 

Space Situational Awareness

  • Processing of space objects and their activities to categorize anomalous behavior
  • Autonomous navigation for proximity operations around Resident Space Objects (RSOs)

Maritime Domain Awareness

  • Analysis of sea, cargo, and port activities to identify potential threats

Asset Management Course of Action

  • Asset health and automated prognosis forecasting
  • Battle management and weapons allocation
  • Real-time sensor management
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) planning, collection, and analysis
  • Risk management and courses of action tools
  • Operator cognition and visualization tools

Large Scale Auctions

  • We provide clients with optimization software and BidBOTS to conduct large-scale package bidding auctions.

Optimized Fleet Scheduling for Logistics

  • We develop near real-time driver dispatch manpower and routing for reduced transit times helping clients save time and money.