Featured Projects

Our analytics team provides insight into the word's sea of data. We ingest vast amounts of raw, unstructured data and boil it down into a thematic big picture to be rapidly analyzed. As the amount of data and data sources dramatically increase, the ability to organize that data quickly is even more essential for real-time analysis.


Technology Tracking
Identify Technology trends from open source news, websites, and journals

Technology Tracker
Technology tracker ingests (automatically uploads documents from the web, share point site, shared drive
or by simply uploading an individual document) parses, sorts, analyzes and organizes the data in contextually
relevant ways (using the user's lexicon and jargon; the way the user describes their world and environment)
and presents the information in user tailored graphic or tabular format.

Automated Intelligence Products
Data driven intelligence product

Automated Intelligence Products
An easy to use interface that automatically creates updates intelligence products with real-time multi-modal
data and results

Document Categorization
Automatically categorize documents from extremely large datasets

Document Categorization
Statistical topic modeling for the categorization and summarization of documents


Entity Resolution
Identify and resolve entity mentions within and across documents

Entity Resolution
Automatically extracts entities and recommends intra-doc and inter-doc resolutions. Analysts interact with resolution recommendations
which are automatically generated, as opposed to manually tagging/resolving entities

Object Detection
Automatically identify and tag objects from imagery and video

Object Detection
Automatically identifying objects, relationships, and events from imagery and video