International Support


DECISIVE ANALYTICS supports the U.S. Federal Government, domestic and multi-national companies, with management, execution, and expansion of defense-related business. Through global partnerships, we provide a rigorous analysis of the complex, political, social, economic, technological, and security factors that affect defense industrial cooperation enterprises. 

We have extraordinary international support experience as reflected by four years of past Chairmanship of the NATO Industrial Advisory Group and our current Chairmanship of the National Defense Industrial Association's (NDIA) International Division. We have been serving as the Co-Chairman of the US-Japan Defense Industry Dialogue since late 2013.

Our International Support sector supports U.S. and international clients with advice, analysis, and assistance in achieving their international business objectives. We know the USG players, understand the defense market, and facilitate business-to-business partnerships in pursuit of international cooperation, collaboration, and program support. 

  • Defense Industrial Cooperation

  • International Programs Support

    • Facilitating U.S.-Japan missile defense cooperation

    • NATO

  • International Business Consulting

    • Development of strategies and action plans

    • Facilitation of proprietary industrial partnerships

  • Export Control and Compliance

  • Defense and National Security Analysis

    • Situational Awareness

    • Focused Insight

    • Actionable Intelligence