Machine Learning Capabilities

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DECISIVE ANALYTICS empowers our customers to make sense out of the mountain of data at scale, on time. Our machine learning capabilities are integrated into a solution via an extensible, cloud-enabled API. Through this, we are able to produce rich visual summaries of the vast amounts of data that have been wrangled and analyzed to encapsulate the big picture.

We design intuitive user interfaces and interactive visualizations for complex algorithms and their results. Our focus is on enhancing users' understanding and analysis of data without requiring expertise in data science or machine learning. 

    • Natural Language Processing
      • Insight into text through topic modeling, relationship extraction, entity resolution, semantic search, and event detection
    • Imagery and Video Analytics
      • Turn streaming imagery and video into actionable information through the identification of objects, actions, and events
    • Data Wrangling
      • Ingest of data that is ugly, clean, and every format in between. We get data into a format that can be utilized by machine learning
    • Machine Learning Visualization
      • Interactive explanations of results from (sometimes) complex machine learning models and techniques

    The Machine Learning API

    All capabilities are integrated into a custom solution via an extensible API that operates at scale

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