DAC Employee-Owner Alison Smith to Speak on Human-in-the-Loop Topic Modeling at ACM IUI 2018 in Tokyo


This Thursday, March 8th, Alison Smith, one of our employee-owners, will be giving a talk on her paper, “Closing the Loop: User-Centered Design and Evaluation of Human-in-the-Loop Topic Modeling System,” at ACM IUI 2018. ACM IUI, the premier international forum for reporting outstanding research and development on intelligence user interfaces, will take place in Tokyo, Japan from March 7th to 11th. This year’s conference marks the 23rd annual meeting of the intelligent interfaces community where human-computer interaction meets artificial intelligence.

Ms. Smith’s work explores human-in-the-loop modeling which allows users to guide the creation of topic models and improve model quality without having to be experts in topic modeling algorithms. Previous work in this area focused too heavily on algorithmic implementation without understanding how users wish to improve the model or on user needs but without the context of a fully interactive system. To address this disconnect, Ms. Smith and her team implemented a set of model refinements requested by users and studied how end users are affected by issues like unpredictability, latency, and trust which can arise with fully interactive systems. Ms. Smith and her team found that users’ reactions to unpredictability varied from positive to negative, and, surprisingly, they did not find any cases of distrust. Instead, they noted instances where users perhaps put too much trust in the system or had too little confidence in themselves.

In addition to her conference talk, Ms. Smith will be co-hosting a workshop on March 11th on Explainable Smart Systems (ExSS) with Brian Lim of the National University of Singapore and Simone Stumpf of City, University of London. The workshop will bring together researchers in academia and industry who have an interest in making smart systems explainable to users and therefore more intelligible and transparent.


For more information about ACM IUI 2018, please visit http://iui.acm.org/2018/