Human Computer Interaction

DAC's Alison Smith-Renner to Host ExSS Workshop at ACM IUI 2019

Decisive Analytics’ Alison Smith-Renner will be hosting a workshop on Explainable Smart Systems (ExSS) at the ACM Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) 2019 conference in Los Angeles on March 20th. This workshop will bring together researchers in academia and industry who have an interest in making smart systems explainable to users and therefore more intelligible and transparent. It will provide a venue for exploring issues that arise in designing, developing and evaluating smart systems that use or provide explanations of their behavior.

DECISIVE ANALYTICS' Alison Smith-Renner Published in Communications of the ACM Magazine

Alison Smith-Renner, Senior UI/UX Engineer for DECISIVE ANALYTICS Corporation; along with her colleagues Bran Knowles, Forough Poursabzi-Sangdeh, Di Lu, and Halimat Alabi; recently had their article “Uncertainty in Current and Future Health Wearables” published in Communications of the ACM, the leading print and online publication for the computer and information technology fields. Mrs. Smith-Renner and her team raise areas of concern and call for further research to address uncertainty in health-wearable technology and the trade-offs they imply; specifically, how to provide access to confirmatory evidence of reliability, how to preserve provenance of uncertainties, and finally, how to tailor communication of those uncertainties.